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• 6/6/2014

Fun at school is a girltastic blast

Hannah lives in Alabama California she heard that a new girl is coming hi I'm Samatha we can be friends the next day the 2 girls paint portraits of each other beep hi Zoe this my new friend bonjour huh I'm Zoe ok we going to Dave and Busters for a whole school year! Woo Emily and her older sissy Vanessa shows her friends Samatha Zoe and Hannah hi nice meeting you we're here Go have Fun my Brilliant students yay gaming games wow that so fun I could eat we're eating now

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• 9/5/2014

Bob & Larry sat and felt sad hey? Ms NIA asked them why are you sad this boy wants to beat us up his name is Durante aw don't feel sad she said Larry started sobbing sadly why are u sad Larry I'm sad Bob Durante wants to beat me up aw Larry don't feel blue Bob hugs Larry the next day Durante knocks Larry's books down hey! Bob said you can't do that Larry cried loudly

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