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• 1/17/2015

Junior fights temptation

Hook! Let my friends go Junior says madly never you're going down watch this hiya pow boom Junior can't get Hook to stop but I need more help than ever Jake Mario helps Junior Junior you can't do this by yourself you need our help and gods help enough! Junior said let them go not so fast Codfish Peterpan what r u doing here we're gonna win Junior thats it Hook I've just about had it hiya boom ha! I told you hook I win

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• 1/17/2015

Junior by the time you get back your friends r so dead not anymore by the time Junior came back his friends were almost dead save us Jr! Rack pleaded leave them alone Jr said I'm done with you Hook you're a big problem your friends are gonna be dead Junior rescue us Lovey said you hiya boom bang whack pow I win once again Hook

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