Casey Slater is the 12 year old main character of Poison Apple's The Dead End.

Appearance Edit

Casey has short black hair (Although it looks purple in the picture) that is shoulder length with long black bangs. She has pale skin and large brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Casey always plays it safe, because she believes the world is full of hidden perils. This can lead some people to believe that she is boring.

History Edit

During the summer between sixth and seventh grade, Casey and Jillian planned all sorts of fun things to do, but her parents made her stay at an old (And haunted) country home in Stillness. Although it was boring at first, it turned out to be the greatest (And maybe only) adventure of Casey's life.

Trivia Edit

  • Casey always plays it safe, while her best friend, Jillian, loves taking risks.
  • Casey gets scared easily.
  • She always obsesses over stories.
  • Casey looks exactly like Millie.