Rick Lia Kate and Dan are the offspring of Scar Ursula Hook and Satan In his first proclaimation Sonic son of Laura and Bob says he will offer a shot to Rick Lia Kate and Dan the teenage sons and daughters of Disneys infamous villains They're brought to bible prep Watch out Bible prep here come the Descendants! Chapter 1-I'm Kate daughter of the bible villain Satan I kno what you must be thinking II'm A evil villain to I mean how can I no be with a daddy like that? For evil sake he rebelled against God and cursed Eve Chapter 2-Mom dad I chosen my first official proclamation! bob and Laura looked at each other and smiled I decided that the children on the isle of evil be given a chance to live here in Bible prep who are their parents? Ursula Scar Hook and Satan ? Bob shouted he's the worst villain in the land ! Chapter 3-Welcome to bible prep I'm God he bowed elegantly God? Kate said as in Bible trying to wave a hand it's so good to meet you I'm Sonic this is Eve princess Eve she said to Sonic hey! You're Satans daughter aren't you? Eve said in a funny tone Oh my dads God Bible beauty Yeah I heard the name trying to cut Eve of chapter 16-It was family day at bible prep Rachel N and J came to play with their kids hi daddy Shadrach said hey son you got a girlfriend yet? Um i do Kate! Shadrach called I wa to introduce you to my parents dad this is Kate from the island Chapter 19-hello there Queen Nia said strolling up to Kate now have we met before? No I don't think so I'm new Ah yes Nia! Abednego said walking out of school with his red shirt and black boots oh Ab give Nia a kiss dear mwah um Nia you shouldn't talk to this girl Ab gave Kate a surprised look huh you! How are you here and how have you stayed so young Sonic said Queen Nia it's ok Satan is still on the island this is his daughter Kate don't you remember my proclaimaction to give the new generation a chance? A chance to what Sonic destroy us! Don't you remember the bible stories and the villains ? My sons were raised by faries because of your fathers curse those were their first words their first steps I missed it all! I'm So sorry Kate said Adam stepped in front of her stay away from her! Don't do this Adam Sonic said what? They were raised by their parents Sonic what you think villains teach their kids? Kindness fair play? No way