Gabrielle Marquez (Nicknamed Gabby by Emma-Rose) is the one of the main characters in This Totally Bites!. She is portrayed by Lizzy Greene.


Gabby is described to be extremely punctual, and someone who over-analysis everything. According to Emma-Rose, she is a vegetarian, and very optimist. She's normally cheerful, being the more outgoing one of the pair. She enjoys sports and running around, suggestion she is athletic.

Despite this, she's also interrupted to be slightly stubborn, as she refuses to believe her friend's vampire realization just because it didn't scientifically make sense to her. She also appears to get jealous easily, as mid-way through the book she grows jealous of her friend's "new status" and bravery for sticking up for herself, causing an rift between the two.

She's also interrupted to be immature, as during her and Emma's quarrel she outwardly refuses to talk to her friend or even be near her, despite all of Emma's attempt to make things right between the two. She then remarks that she thinks her friend is being the immature one about the fight, despite the fact that she was actually being the childish one herself.

Appearance Edit

Gabby has honey golden curls and dark brown eyes, as well as tanned skin. She's assumed to be slim, as she is described to be very active and athletic.


In the first chapter, Gabby is acknowledged to be wearing green cardigan and jeans. Later in the book, during the Halloween dance, her Halloween costume is a faerie.