Jessamyn Ito is a character in Her Evil Twin and develops an enemy/half sister relationship with Anna. Jessamyn is one of the coolest girls in seventh grade and has bullied Anna because of Emma Diablo. It all started when one day Anna fainted in the rarely used girl bathroom where she saw Emma in the mirror that was some sort of portal. Anna has got mistaken for stealing Jessamyn's wallet when it was really Emma who stole it. Jessamyn and her BFFs, Kima and Lauren badly bullied Anna then. Near the end of the book, Jessamyn, Kima and Lauren were about to beat Anna up in the rarely used girls bathroom when Emma pretended to save her. But, Emma was about to pull Anna into the mirror so Anna could live in her world forever! Luckily, her best friend, Dory Welch rescued her from Emma! Then she stood up to Jessamyn and her friends! Jessamyn's mother is Mariah Ito. Mrs. Dipalo and Mrs. Ito are enemies because they are both married to the same guy. So, that means Anna and Jessamyn don't know that they're half sisters.