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Jillian is Casey Slater's best friend and a minor character in The Dead End.

Appearance Edit

Jillian's hair is daring, cut in a sharply angled bob with a long, bleached streak through her bangs. Little except this is known about Jillian's appearance.


Jillian is the opposite of Casey. She took chances all the time. She Rollerbladed and ate sushi and shopped at secondhand stores. She planned to wear a very daring dress that was green checkered (Casey Slater thought it looked like a kilt) to Macala's party.

History Edit

While Casey Slater was stuck in a haunted house in Stillness, Jillian was seeing movies, dating, and having the time of her life over the summer.

Trivia Edit

  • Jillian is known for making incredibly long and crazy text abbreviations.
  • Jillian loves scary stories