Miss Fortune is the third novel in the Poison Apple franchise. It tells the story of Zoe Coulter and Superstition.


Zoe's never been superstitious, so when she and her best friend Mia have their fortunes read at a carnival, she does not take it seriously. In fact, Zoe mocks the fortune-teller. Still, the woman gives Zoe a necklace to seal her fortune.

As soon as Zoe puts the necklace on, unexplained things begin to happen to her. Her bike spins out of control, a fire starts in the oven even though it isn't on, and Zoe begins receiving threatening texts and emails. The necklace must be cursed! But when Mia and Zoe return to the site of the carnival, it's gone!

  • Some people have had experiences similar to Zoe's, but it is not known weather curses are real or not.