Meet Kate a girl who is about to be in middle school Kate! It's your first day of middle school Middle school maybe fun who knows Kate thought to herself hi I'm Violet she said I'm Kate im new here don't worry it's my first time being in middle school to really? Yep you know it maybe fun once your used to middle school it's time for horror story class ! Um Violet I'm q q quite s sc sc scared Kate said Kate don't be scared horror stories can't scare nobody hi class today we"re gonna read the horror story of the hungry croc monster ! Ah! Kate hid under her desk Kate? What's wrong buddy ? I'm sc scared Violet aw poor Kate she's afraid Emily and Violet wanted to help Kate not be afraid so Emily and Violet took Kate outside of class Kate? Why are you afraid I'm just scared I get like that now Kate it's ok to be afraid here I brought a bible for you for me? Yep it's just for you