The isle of evil the prequel story to Descendants is about the bible villains N Pharaoh Delilah and Satan having their own children and raising them to be Evil to the core ! So the four bible villains and their children are put on an island called the isle of Villains and on the island are the sons and daughters of the bibles greatest villains N P D & Satan and their descendants Nicky Polly Dan and Sabrina are their sons and daughters Chapter 1-Nicky (Son of N) I'm Nicky son of Nebuchadnezzar you may say I'm a son of a biblical villain my dads story all began in Daniel 3 so my dad made a golden idol out of gold he told everyone to worship it and if they are gonna be thrown into the fiery oven everybody bowed to the idol except for three boys they were called Shadrach Meshach and Abednego my daddy N was so mad when the three boys wouldn't do it so my dad turned on the music again and demanded that the three boys do what he said and he even told the boys if they don't do it guess what happens then? Yep you guessed it N told the boys they would be thrown in the oven of fire!