It is not known which girl in the picture is Zoe.

Zoe Margaret Coulter more commonly referred to as Zoe Coulter or simply Zoe is the main protagonist of Miss Fortune. She is cursed with bad luck by Serafina, but rids the curse at the end of the book.

Appearance Edit

Zoe has long, black hair that she often ties into a braid, and brown eyes. On the cover of the book, Zoe is the one on the left with the braid and the blue headband, fingering the necklace. The girl on the right is Mia, Zoe's best friend.Read this book to find out more........

History Edit

One night when Zoe and her friends were all out at a fair, Zoe and Mia stayed late, and met a mysterious fortune teller, who offered to tell their fortunes for free. Zoe is not superstitious, so she dosen't take it seriously. But when the strange lady gives her a necklace to seal her fortune, strange things begin happening to her...